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Make money in Russia: it's not worth coming to live here

Hello dear Russian Lover! I am Ory and what I am going to tell you about Russia this time is not particularly motivating ...
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After so many years living in Russia, sincerely there are things that I do not like. Nothing happens, who loves something or someone sometimes also comes to feel something like hate. This is true love and I think it's normal. The passage of time clouds our minds to everyone ... even the authentic Russian Lovers!
And today we have to speak badly about Russia, quite badly ...
Next, I'll talk about work, salary and money, which are usually issues that worry everyone and sometimes motivate us to move and undertake adventures in other countries or places. A good job and salary can always justify living thousands of kilometers away from your family.
Personal experience living in Russia:
I moved to Russia for love (2013) and then I did not care about anything more than this, but it is true that there were times of crisis in Spain, there was nothing to lose and in Moscow there were job opportunities. In fact, in Moscow there is always work, if you want you can start working right now.
Maybe, if by then everything had gone well in my country, I would now be living in my land with my Russian wife and it would be her who would have created her own blog -Spanish Lover- selling the glasses of Rioja wine that would be taken at sunset from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea (inverted parallel reality).
The money It should not be our first fixation in life and it is not what should condition our happiness, but the truth is that as the system is set up, without that happy money you and your whole family take it badly. Without money, the problems begin or not and it does not matter if you live in Santiago de Chile or in Vladivostok.
All this is more than obvious and demagogic, so let's get to the point with a strong affirmation addressed to the Spanish with which I'm going to get a little wet in this blog:
In the 2019 year, it's definitely not worth coming to live in Russia if you're Spanish
Well, as I said, I left Spain to come here mainly for love, I'm married, I have a family and my routine and lifestyle are here for the moment. I emigrated in another era. In addition, I am responsible for the Russian Lover project that continues to motivate me as the first day and helps me to connect and connect with many people. This also helps me professionally in many ways.
Leaving my country to come to Russia has been the decision that has made the most sense in my life, the one that has made me different from the others. I have enlarged my personal boundaries, I have learned Russian and I have come to a world that has no limits in terms of possibilities when you are young.
But this is my story and to recommend someone to come and live here now, I can not rely on my subjective experience of love or my personal or family situation. I hope that many people are lucky enough to live the positive things that I have lived here in Russia or even better, but now it's time to talk about generalized tangible and realistic things.
Many people ask me about work, salary and cost of living in Russia.
Although this is an information post for all countries in the world and will be read by many of my beloved followers of Russian Lover in Latin America, I specifically address the Spanish because the standard of living, the minimum wage and in general, working conditions , they are different in Spain from those of other Spanish-speaking countries. Also, they are the ones I know and can talk about. I will not judge if it is worth it or not to come to live in Russia if you are from Uruguay or Mexico, because I do not know what the standard of living is there. So I'm going to generalize with Spain.
If we only take into account the money, the standard of living and purely economic issues, for a Spaniard it is not worth it right now to come to live in Russia unless it is in a very bad situation with no chance to find work or prosper.
And is that for a salary of 75.000 rubles, which is already beginning to be considered a good salary in Moscow, the change in Spain would be gaining 1000 euros approximately. Unfortunately, although there are very high salaries in Moscow, you are more likely to charge 40.000 / 60.000 rubles than a higher number than the one I have raised. To all this, we have to add that working in Russia is a bit harder than working in other countries, just because of leaving home at -10 degrees.Why come to Russia to earn 1000 euros if in Spain this is not much more than the minimum salary?
As a replenant or cashier in a supermarket in Spain you can already be winning 1100 or 1300 euros in some cases. This salary would be already higher than that of many engineers in Russia. I do not know the salaries of Latin America, but surely, from what I read in some media, for someone from Venezuela for example, 75.000 rubles would be a figure that would be worth coming to work in Russia. Even for less and still could send money to your country to help their families. Feeling it a lot, the world is hierarchical and works by ranks or categories.
Without mood to discourage anyone, a supermarket cashier job in Russia, is equivalent to a ridiculous salary of 35.000 rubles that does not reach today to the 500 euros. You also have to relativize, because going to the hairdresser for a man in Spain can cost 13 euros and here 3 euros to change. So we should not always be scared of low wages to change. As I said, with 75.000 rubles you can live well here, in fact the Russians live well here with these salaries and even better than in the countries of Europe. But the question is to keep in mind that we are foreigners living in a distant country. And this changes everything.
In my case, being Spanish, a salary of not much more than 1000 euros in Russia, means a problem. And although 1000 euros in Russia is a decent average salary with which you do not live badly since everything is cheaper to change, the truth is that there is not enough left over to save, nor caprices, nor to travel to your land, nor to help your family, you do not generate anything for future projects and to top it all the import products come to you at the price of gold.
If you have higher aspirations and you do not settle for a little, living in Moscow with an average salary will not give you to go on a big party. And this is the reality of Moscow, in other cities of Russia salaries will be much lower than those mentioned. At first, I'm sure that all this does not matter to you, but over the years and especially if you form a family, you will realize that you are not going to live a storybook life.
Actually, I have lived well in Russia so far and I have not complained too much. It must also be said that thanks to the support of the family and in-laws, I have lived better than many immigrants who have nothing here. At work, I have sometimes been paid salaries that are even higher than those mentioned above, playing roles in the audiovisual world, but the change to euros has always been mediocre salaries and the level of slavery just like everywhere else. To think that your retired relatives in Spain charge a pension higher than your work performance in this country, gives a lot to think about. I even remember having paid unemployment in Spain for higher amounts than working many times here 12 hours a day.
Also, being Spanish, you would also like to return to Spain some day, to set something up. work for something of yours and retire in your country with a decent pension that allows you to go for a walk and sunbathe without worrying about anything. An emigrant should never make the mistake of forgetting his country.
When I came to Moscow, I was younger and I did not think about these things. In fact, all of you who are young and eager to open the borders of the world should not be obsessed with what I say. Opportunities are many, in Russia and everywhere, but it would be good if an emigrant who works in other distant countries, could be rewarded for his sacrifice to leave his homeland for years. At least this is what you would expect from a country like Russia that is proving to be a World Superpower. In the world of work, not for a moment.
At least until a few years ago, those who emigrated from Spain to earn a living in other countries were going to double, triple or take salaries much higher than usual in the country. You sacrificed a little, a few years and came back to Spain through the big door and bought a house. This is something, which at least in my case will not happen. Actually, I have learned a lot and I will serve in the future, I have grown as a person, in knowledge, I have matured blah blah blah ... but in economic terms to this day the Russian adventure has been practically the same as staying in Spain.

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