Monday, November 11, 2019

How hard is it for students to make money in Russia?

Making money without the knowledge of Russian is a bit difficult in Russia. Knowledge of Russian makes things a bit easy but still students have to put efforts for that.
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Here are some of the ways of making money for students in Russia:-
1. Students in Russia can legally work at their University without any requirement of work visa or work permit. This job doesn't pay too much but enough for meeting daily expenses.
2. Students can work as a tutor of languages or any other skill. They will need work permit (which they can get from their University) for working legally after a period of three months.
3. Students can apply at companies which are from their country or require any native language speaking person. This increases the chances of getting that work. Note:- Now if they work as a full time employee then they will need work visa, but students can work as an intern their.

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