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10 Crafty Things To Buy In Australia That You Must Not Return Without

10 Crafty Things To Buy In Australia That You Must Not Return Without

Going back from Australia empty handed? Don’t! You’ll regret not taking back a part of the rich heritage and culture of this amazing country in the form of locally produced goods. A holiday Down Under isn’t complete unless you have stocked your luggage with some of the most popular things to buy in Australia. Whether you pick them for yourself or a loved one, each of these items is unique to Australia and will always remind you of the amazing time you had on your vacation.

10 Essential Things To Buy In Australia

Listed below are some of the best things you can only buy in Australia if you’re looking for the most authentic and genuine products and not copies.

1. Tim Tams

You can’t leave for home without getting a score of packets of Australia’s beloved cream sandwich from Arnott. In fact, take a lot more. We don’t want you to regret not bringing in more when it becomes a huge hit amongst your friends and family back home! It is one of the most famous things to buy in Australia and come in different flavors. So make you try them all before you settle down with a particular flavor.
Where to buy: Woolworth’s
Starting price: INR 90 (AUD 1.80)

2. Haigh’s Chocolates

If you’re traveling to Australia, you’d obviously visit the city of Sydney, right? Well, in that case, make sure you stop by the Queen Victoria Building (which is one of the best attractions in the city) where you’ll be able to see the small store of Haigh’s Chocolate and a huge crowd lining up outside to taste these delicious bars. The store was opened way back in 1915 and has over 15 stores around the country. These popular artisan chocolates are made and even wrapped by hand and are surely one of the best things to shop in Australia for your folks back home.
Where to buy: Haigh’s Chocolates, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney
Starting price: INR 50 for 6 grams (AUD 0.90)

3. Tea And Coffee Beans

It might surprise you to know that the best things in Australia to buy also include its tea and coffee. T2 happens to be an elite Australian chain of specialty tea shops that offer an extensive range of tea available year round. You’ll also love to experience the great taste of ground and roasted Melbourne coffee at many of the cafes in this city. When you’re here, you can also grab some of your favorite types of tea and coffee beans to take as a gift back home.
Where to buy: 269 Little Collins St, Melbourne
Starting price: INR 840 (AUD 17)

4. Wine

Don’t forget to take back bottles of the finest Australian wine from Melbourne’s Yarra Valley. All you have to do is make a day trip to this exotic and beautiful vineyard in order to get these delicious wine as well as a tempting gourmet tour which typically includes a range of wine, cheeses, and chocolates. Wine is anyway the best things to buy in Australia to give as a present to your friends and family, and of course, yourself!
Where to buy: Coombe Yarra Valley
Starting price: INR 1,800 (AUD 24)

5. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

The Australian Papaw or Papaya is a very beneficial fruit and can cure a number of skin ailments. Made from these papaws, the Lucas’ Papaw Ointment from Lucas’ Papaw Remedies is an extremely popular ointment amongst the local population as well as for people traveling to this country. For decades it has served as the number one remedy for minor burns, rashes, chafing, insect bites, splinters, and is even used as a lip balm. Winner of the ‘Lip Balm’ category in TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice Award in 2014 and 2015, this is one of the best items to buy in Australia if you wish to give something useful and beneficial to your loved ones.
Where to buy: Woolworths/ Cole’s/ Big W Department Stores/ Priceline Pharmacies
Starting price: INR 260 (AUD 5.25)
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