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The Time Has Come To End The Reign Of Language Schools :) :)

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Will this small device replace language learning institutions? Tutors and polyglots from all over the world are certain that it will.

Ever since progressive scientists from Japan had created and tested MUAMA Enence, language learning had a massive breakthrough. Thousands of people worldwide had already taken this opportunity and couldn’t be more satisfied Even those, who always believed that they were too lazy, had no talent or “too old for this”, found themselves immersed in their studies. How’s that possible?

“Language courses are a waste of time and money!”

  1. Outdated teaching methods. Language courses focus on reading and writing instead of effective communication. Memorising grammar rules and sentence structure from textbooks requires a lot of repetition and starts to get boring. Scientists have proven long ago that boredom interferes with the ability to memorise which makes learning even more difficult and, of course, boring.
  2. Time and labour. An average language course is usually twice a week and lasts for around 1,5 hours. 6 semesters of such classes make up a total of 360 hours. Only 20% of the tutor's attention goes to a single person. The remaining 80% goes to other students. Let’s not forget to mention that it’s only classwork. Many more hours add up between that. Travel, homework (which doesn't teach to understand or speak) and constant repetition.
  3. Learning in a group. Students have to listen to each other’s mistakes and bad accents and form bad speaking habits as a result. No wonder feeling ashamed and being afraid of making mistakes is so common among novice learners. This lack of confidence in one’s speaking skills is often the cause of giving up on learning altogether.
  4. MASSIVE expenses. One semester (only 5 months!) of such “learning” can cost from $500 to $1500 and that’s not a one-off payment. To reach the level of proper communication, one needs at least 6 semesters $3000-$9000 of your income! More expenses pile up on textbooks and other required learning materials.
These four points perfectly illustrate the harsh reality of taking language learning classes. The odds of such a big investment (mental, physical and financial) bringing a desired outcome are so small, that, honestly, it’s not worth the risk. Especially now, when you have technologies by your side.

In other words, MUAMA Enence makes learning:

  1. FASTER. This interactive method speeds up memorising.
  2. EASIER. No courses, minimal expenses, no stress. You can learn wherever and whenever you want.
  3. MORE EFFICIENT. By developing natural intuition and understanding of a language, it is unlikely that those skills will be forgotten. You will be able to express yourself freely and with confidence.
  4. CHEAPER Pay once, get a textbook from a library and you’re all set!

Among other features, MUAMA Enence offers:

  1. Real time two-way voice translations.
  2. More than 40 interchangeable languages
  3. Amazing sound & recording quality
  4. High accuracy
  5. Long battery life
  6. Light and portable design

See It In Action!

Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer’s bizarre staff email in wake of child

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Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer was allegedly more worried about cancelling a Christmas booze-up than dealing with the shocking scandal now engulfing the bank.
This morning it was revealed the high-profile banking boss had been pushed out of the top job as Westpac battles an investigation by Australia’s financial intelligence agency over a money laundering and child exploitation scandal.
The bank’s leader will step down on December 2 with its chairman Lindsay Maxstead saying this morning the board accepts the “gravity” of the issues raised by AUSTRAC.
But according to explosive claims published in The Australiantoday, Mr Hartzer seemingly failed to comprehend that “gravity” as recently as yesterday afternoon when he allegedly sent a staff email confirming the company’s upcoming Christmas party had been cancelled.
Earlier that day, it was reported he held a top-secret meeting with senior players to discuss the child exploitation claims that have rocked the banking giant.
But according to The Australian, he seemed to be less concerned with the accusations levelled against the bank, instead focusing on riding out the furore.
Sources told the publication Mr Hartzer said the current scandal was “not an Enron or Lehman Brothers” and the average Aussie wasn’t overly concerned with the story, so “we don’t need to overcook this”.
He also allegedly discussed ways of deflecting attention by pushing staff to “get mortgages going and we’ve got to get NPS (net promoter score) going”.
He also allegedly said he was “very sorry” but the staff Christmas party had to be cancelled over fears it would attract more negative press.
“Unfortunately in the heightened media environment it will not look good if we have our staff whooping it up with alcohol,” he said, according to The Australian, before sending the email.
He also reportedly tried to convince bank leaders the story “was not playing out as a high street issue”.
“We all read the Fin (Australian Financial Review) and The Australian, and we all read that and think the world is ending,” he said, according to the newspaper’s two sources.
“But actually for people in mainstream Australia going about their daily lives, this is not a major issue, so we don’t need to overcook this.’’
But Mr Hartzer’s claims seem to have fallen on deaf ears, with his resignation confirmed this morning.
“As was appropriate, we sought feedback from all our stakeholders, including shareholders, and having done so it became clear that board and management changes were in the best interest of the bank,” Westpac group chairman Lindsay Maxsted said in a statement released to the Australian Securities Exchange.
Westpac has been contacted to determine whether the bank confirms or denies Mr Hartzer’s comments, but a response has not been received.
While the bank has not specifically addressed the exact reason behind Mr Hartzer’s departure, the public reaction to his alleged comments yesterday has been brutal, with many convinced they may have played a role in his downfall.
His sensational comments have been variously described as “extraordinary”, “tone deaf” and “wrong” on social media.
“Who on earth did Brian Hartzer speak to before coming to the conclusion that ‘for people in mainstream Australia going about their daily lives, this* is not a major issue’?” The Australian reporter Stuart Condie said in a tweet, while ABC News Breakfast co-host Michael Rowland described the situation as “Brian Hartzer’s ‘Prince Andrew Interview’ moment”.
But the overwhelming reaction among the Australian public has been outrage over Mr Hartzer’s $2.7 million “golden handshake” – equivalent to 12 months’ pay.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Qantas plane forced to make emergency landing at New Zealand military base


Qantas passengers were stuck on New Zealand’s Ohakea military base tarmac for four hours yesterday in sweltering cabin temperatures, after their flight from Melbourne to Wellington was diverted.
Qantas flight QF171, a Boeing 737, was diverted to the Ohakea RNZAF air base, 140km north of their Wellington destination this afternoon.
A Qantas spokesman said the flight was diverted due to a mechanical issue and it landed safely just after 3pm.
Passengers on the flight have reported the captain informed them the reason for the diversion was one of the plane’s flaps was stuck and the runway at Wellington was too short to land safely.
“Passengers will be transported by bus to Wellington to complete their journey,” a Qantas spokesman said.
“We apologise to our customers for the disruption but safety will always be our first priority.
“Usually in these circumstances the aircraft would divert to Palmerston North, however this was not possible due to local weather conditions.”
One passenger told Stuff “we need compensation”, saying they departed on buses to Wellington at 8.40pm, a journey expected to take two hours.
Passenger Tracy Johnson said she felt ill by the time they disembarked and that fellow passengers were close to fainting. She said she couldn’t understand why passengers hadn’t been allowed to wait in a room at the air base, rather than on the plane for hours.
“An elderly lady hugged me when we got off, she thought she was going to faint … we all did,” she told Stuff.
UK woman Lisa Blatch was on board the flight after a 40-hour journey from Gatwick Airport in London.
She was on her way to visit her sister in Wellington who is about to undergo surgery, and was waiting at Wellington airport to pick her up.
“There’s baby in arms on the plane, people with young families,” Blatch said.
“It’s been two hours now. The plane is full. They’ve only just been able to open one of the front doors to let some air in to cool people off.
“Got to say the staff have been fantastic. The last we heard was the customs may be bussed up here from Wellington but we were told that about 10 minutes ago with an ETA of 7pm.”Shortly before 7pm it was reported by one of the passengers that Qantas was beginning to get passengers off the plane.
Earlier, during the four-hour tarmac wait, other passengers had been tweeting about the lack of customs facilities to process international passengers as the cause of their being stranded on the military tarmac.
“Awkward when your international flight gets diverted to an air base, and they can’t let you off the plane because there’s no customs,” Suzy McKinney tweeted.
“#QF171 Can’t leave plane because no customs, can’t fly plane as broken, can’t get replacement plane (easily at least) as at air base. A difficult problem to solve.”
McKinney added on Twitter that it was unclear what the mechanical issue with the plane was.
“A technical issue with the ‘flaps’ is what was cited by the captain,” she posted
Another person apparently on board the plane, Ryan Newington, posted “it’s getting very warm in here”.
Newington added Qantas attendants were refusing to open the doors of the plane and the temperature was becoming very uncomfortable.
“#QF171 sitting on the tarmac in the sun, getting extremely hot in the plane. Many passengers visibly distressed. @Qantas won’t open the door because reasons. Customs apparently driving up from Wellington (2 hours away), not sure there’s much point, we’ll all be roasted by then,” he wrote.
Another passenger added: “The crew are doing their utmost best to help and keep positive in super challenging circumstances. But two hours until we can … dunno, get customs to consider letting us out? No Wi-Fi, poor reception, and water and crackers. At least we landed somewhere!”
Another woman who contacted the Herald said they had been grounded for an hour and a half at Ohakea but no decision had been made on letting the passengers exit.
“Best guess is that we’ll have to wait a further two hours for customs to come to us,” she said.
The woman had been travelling for more than 36 hours from the United Kingdom and said the aircraft was just sitting on the tarmac.
Elsewhere, another person contacted the Herald to say their parents had been trapped on board and had been flying for around 30 hours.
The person said they were not able to contact their parents as they didn’t have New Zealand or Australian mobile phone numbers.
Their tickets were bought through Emirates, who along with Qantas, wouldn’t help the parents’ child get in touch with them.
“I got help from the person who has her sister in the plane. It was hard time, my parents were on the way to Wellington for almost 30 hours,” they said.
“Qantas hasn’t updated us for more than four hours, they just said, ‘we don’t know, you should wait’.”

Russian professor’s sick plan after allegedly murdering ex-student

Details of a grizzly murder have come to light after a celebrated Russian professor was found in a freezing river clutching a backpack last week.

Inside the bag were two severed arms belonging to his ex-student turned lover.
Oleg Sokolov, 63-year-old history professor at St Petersburg State University, has been charged with the murder of 24-year-old Anastasia Yeshchenko.
Twisted details of the alleged murder have come to light in recent days after Sokolov reportedly confessed to the killing.
The now disgraced professor told the court he had loved Yeshchenko and that they had been lovers for five years.
He claimed he “lost control” when they were arguing over his children from another relationship, causing him to shoot her four times with a sawn-off rifle.
He then claimed she attacked him with a knife.
“During the row, we all lost control. I don’t understand how it happened. Something like this has never happened to me before. She attacked me with a knife,” he was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency.
“I repent.”
The alleged attack occurred on Thursday last week (local time) at his luxury apartment.
After the young woman was killed Sokolov reportedly left her body behind a closed door while he entertained guests in the next room the following day.
After his guests left on Friday he allegedly dismembered the body, sawing off his lover’s head, arms and legs.
Sokolov has previously been awarded France’s highest honour, the Legion of Honour, for his studies of French history.
He was known for his fascination with Napoleon Bonaparte and often organised Napoleonic re-enactments, in which Yeshchenko would participate.
The professor allegedly planned to publicly take his own life on Sunday dressed as Napoleon after disposing of the body.
But his plans were foiled when he fell into the Moyka River on Saturday morning while allegedly attempting to dispose of her body parts.
Sokolov was hauled from the freezing water after being seen splashing about in the river.
That was when the severed arms were found in his backpack, along with a gun that fires rubber bullets.
He was treated for hypothermia before being taken to the police station for questioning.
Yeshchenko’s head was allegedly found in the apartment after police conducted a search.
Divers have been combing the river for more of the young woman’s remains.

Sokolov appeared in court on Monday and was visibly upset, occasionally holding his head in his hands as he spoke to his lawyer.
At one point he was sobbing so loudly that the judge had to adjourn proceedings.
The court rejected Sokolov’s appeal to be held under house arrest and ruled him to be held in pre-trial custody for two months.
The horrific case drew fresh attention to pervasive sexual harassment and violence against women in Russia, including in academic circles.
Observers said Sokolov had a history of erratic behaviour and reports surfaced that he had abused another female student, prompting outrage that the university took no action at the time.
The university said Monday that Sokolov will be fired over the “monstrous crime” and issued condolences.
The petition said Sokolov had treated students “in a monstrous way” and cited another female student as saying that he had beaten her, threatened to burn her with a hot iron and kill her in 2008.
“For unknown reasons, the abuser managed to escape any punishment,” the petition said, adding that police who had ignored the woman’s complaint should also be probed.
Many students blamed the university leadership, saying it had long ignored the problem.
“No one paid attention,” student Ivan Pustovoit told AFP on campus, blaming the university for not stopping Sokolov “in time”.
The university said in a statement that it was unable to corroborate reports about the 2008 assault, but that Sokolov was “disciplined” for unethical conduct during a lecture last year.
The Kremlin on Monday called the murder “a monstrous act of insanity” but sought to portray it as an isolated case.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said President Vladimir Putin, who attended Saint Petersburg State University, was aware of what had happened.
He declined however to address concerns over reports of harassment in Russian universities, saying: “What does the presidential administration have to do with it?”
Russia has no specific legislation on domestic violence or sexual harassment in the workplace and feminist movements like #MeToo have had little impact in the country.

Family lose home weeks after mum died of cancer

Weather conditions that have stoked and started bushfires across Queensland are not letting up and are set to become extreme in some parts of the state.  
More than 70 fires were burning across the state on Saturday evening, with emergency warnings in place at Ravensbourne, north of Toowoomba, and at Mount Lindesay, near the Queensland and NSW border.
Conditions should ease on Monday before worsening by Wednesday.
In NSW, homes continue to be destroyed by bushfires despite conditions remaining below the extreme fire danger level.
The NSW Rural Fire Service has warned against complacency as it confirmed another 44 homes had been destroyed by bushfire since November 8. Fire danger ratings on Sunday are severe in four northern NSW regions and very high in the Greater Sydney, Greater Hunter, Central Ranges and North Coast regions.
Just three weeks before that his wife Elaine died of cancer.
“Him and Elaine lived on a property up there for over 30 years,” Ms Kinnish told AAP on Saturday.
“Elaine passed from cancer in late October. Him and his son, they got evacuated from the property two days ago.
“Then they got the news that the house has burned down. It’s really devastating, they’ve lost a lot.”
The fire has destroyed at least six homes since catastrophic conditions were declared on Tuesday.
Ms Kinnish said Mr Morris and his six children were “doing it pretty tough”.
“They’ve lost a lot. The six kids have lost their mum and now they’ve lost all of her stuff," she said.
“They got their animals out, which was great. Other than that the house is completely gutted.”
One of the couple's daughters, Matilda Morris, told Nine: "The place still smelled like Mum".
"Literally the only memories we had left of her were in that house," sister Georgia Whitaker said.
Mr Morris' son, who also lived at the property, had been out fighting fires as a volunteer at the time.

Black Eyed Peas Star accuses Qantas flight attendant of racism,

The Veronicas have dropped a bombshell in response to Black Eyed Peas star accusing a Qantas flight attendant of racism.
Australian pop duo The Veronicas have weighed in on the drama surrounding Black Eyed Peas star, who accused a Qantas flight attendant of racism after a tense incident on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney on Saturday.
The rapper and songwriter tweeted while he was still on the plane, telling his 12.8 million followers he had been mistreated by an “overly aggressive flight attendant”.
“I don’t want to believe she racist. But she has clearly aimed all her frustrations only at the people of colour,” he said. said the incident took place as the crew was preparing to land the flight in Sydney.
He said the incident happened about 20 minutes into the flight when he had not heard announcements over the PA because he was wearing noise cancelling headphones.
He was then confronted by the flight attendant when he did not put away his laptop fast enough.
When the plane landed, he was met by five police officers, who let him go without further incident.
“Qantas, your racist flight attendant was beyond rude and took it to the next level by calling the police on me. Thank god the other passengers testified that she was out of control. The police finally let me go. Imagine if the police were as aggressive,” he said.
“Is calling the police on a passenger for not hearing the PA due to wearing noise cancelling headphones appropriate?
“I did comply quickly and politely, only to be greeted by police. I think I was targeted.”
He went on to allege the flight attendant “singled every person of colour in the flight and gave them a hard time”, and that “other passengers on the flight agreed that she was out of hand”.He later defended his actions to the Sunday Telegraph.
“I’ve never seen this, it was like a police state,” told the publication.
“I am the coolest traveller, I don’t ask for much. I try to stay out of their way. I come on the plane to go to sleep or I go to work.
“I wish no harm to that lady, hopefully this is a lesson,” he said.
“She shouldn’t lose her job over it — if anything she should be retrained on how to deal with people. This is an opportunity to be pleasant to everyone, to just be nice.”
The singer also retweeted a couple of people who said they were on the same flight, and agreed with him.
He hit back at suggestions he was intimidating the flight attendant in question by singling her out and naming her online. has not named her for legal reasons.
Meanwhile Sunday morning saw a twist in the story when Australian band The Veronicas tweeted “in support” of the singer, claiming the same flight atttendant was involved in an incident with them as well.
“We feel sickened she was given no reprisal and has instead continued to abuse her position, discriminate and misuse the full force and intimidation of the Australian Federal Police to her agenda,” they tweeted.
“Qantas should have run a genuine investigation into the matter, instead of shifting blame and denying accountability.”
Sisters Lisa and Jess Origliasso made headlines after they were “embarrassingly” removed from a Qantas aircraft by three federal police.
At the time, the Aussie pop duo said the ordeal was “crazy” and “confusing”, but the airline hit back, saying the Aussie pop duo “refused to follow crew instructions” on the flight from Sydney to Brisbane and were therefore deemed a security risk.
Qantas has denied the incident with was race-related, instead putting it down to a “misunderstanding”.
“There was a misunderstanding on board, which seems to have been exacerbated by wearing noise cancelling headphones and not being able to hear instructions from crew,” a spokesman for the airline said.
“We completely reject the suggestion this had anything to do with race. We’ll be following up with and wish him well for the rest of the tour.”
The Black Eyed Peas were headlining an event at Homebush in Sydney’s west on Saturday night.
Qantas’ celebrity spat in September with The Veronicas kicked off on the same route but travelling in the opposite direction, from Sydney to Brisbane.
Twin sisters Lisa and Jess were removed from the flight after they “refused to follow crew instructions” and were deemed security risks.
They claimed the incident was “escalated without explanation” from cabin staff, and was “incredibly intimidating and confusing”.
It resulted in the plane being stuck on the tarmac for 45 minutes.
There were conflicting accounts from passengers at the time, with some backing the sisters’ assertions that Qantas had been unreasonable, and others accusing the pair of being “belligerent”.
Qantas said they had “refused to follow crew instructions and were offloaded”.

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A few years back, blogging was just another hobby that some people did in addition to working full-time jobs. Today, blogging still functions in that way, but a lot has changed.
In 2019,  blogging has become a profitable online profession and people at large start a blog to get into this noble profession.
Before we learn the various ways to make money from blogging, let’s see the potential:
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